Art Gallery Opening: Gillian Christy

Art Gallery Opening: Gillian Christy

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Art Gallery Opening: Gillian Christy
Art Gallery Opening: “Home”
Sculpture by Gillian Christy
Friday, March 23, 6 to 8 pm (postponed from original March 16 date)
Admission is free, donations gratefully appreciated
On view March 23, 2018 to April 18, 2018

Inspired to create artwork based on the familiar objects that one may view on a daily basis, Gillian Christy uses the term “Connectors” to describe prevailing themes that she explores, while considering elements in our built or natural world that connect home with one’s everyday surroundings. “My interest lies in recreating intricate architectural forms that hold details which illustrate a narrative. Most recently I have been depicting events in my life, focusing on my place in society as a women and mother. I have been inspired by the beauty and mystery found in the seasonal growth of a budding plant as metaphor for personal growth. I set out to express our worldʼs interconnectedness between home, nature, and one another.”

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