Smart Phone Photography for Adults

Smart Phone Photography for Adults

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Smart Phone Photography for Adults
Smart Phone Photography for Adults (ages 18+)
with Professional Photographer David Lee Black
Saturday, February 2nd from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This event is SOLD OUT. Call us at (781) 659-7100 to be added to the waiting list!

$25 per person *Space is limited

Ever wonder how to take the perfect picture of a butterfly or how to catch the light just so as it filters through the trees? What about a great candid of your friends or family? Join professional photographer David Lee Black as he shows you exactly how to capture the moment with nothing more than your smartphone. David has photographed everything from the human form to landscapes, portraits to sculpture, and has taught others all over New England and beyond how to hone their skills. Now he joins us at the James to share his knowledge and unique style with you.

David Lee Black Silently and Light of Foot

About David
David Lee Black, an award-winning photographer, references the depth of the natural world and its inhabitants with his unique vision.

Conveying not only light and shadow, David imparts a sense of storytelling folklore and a timeless mythology. Evoking emotion and the sense of being connected to abandoned places almost sacred, David’s images articulate emotional truths far beyond the scope of literal meaning.

David also lends his personal philosophy and artistic skill to his work in Expressive Arts Therapy. He encourages his clients to explore and discover the visual and aural world. Clients journey with David throughout the natural world and reflect and integrate the emotional meaning of their art through public exhibits and recordings.

In 2013, David received the Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant to further his expressive arts project.

An accomplished musician and composer in the New England music and theater scene, David holds music credits that include serving as Music Director for the Department of Interior’s Orchestrations Exhibits in Boston and Washington D.C., and both performing and recording with The McCoy Brothers, Jumpin Juba (Bone’less Records), Natural Toy (Studio A Productions), Tractor (Lakewest Records), The Brian Scott Quartet (Dynamic Studios),The Patmos Brothers Revival, The Extraordinary Rendition Band and conducting an award-winning jazz and symphonic band.

David has also produced and performed an original project, “Black Shack” (Vincent Productions), and has appeared in a number of performance art and theatrical stage productions (A Chorus Line, Damn Yankees, and Music Man). Visit him online at

This event is sponsored by Image Resolutions.
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