Photographer Laura J. Cardello “Immersed”

Photographer Laura J. Cardello “Immersed”

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Photographer Laura J. Cardello “Immersed”
Photographer Laura J. Cardello
“Immersed: A Photographic Exploration of Water”

On view through February 15, 2019

All are welcome to attend this art gallery opening, meet the photographer, and enjoy food and wine while you view the beautiful work!

Artist Statement:

Water, like emotion, is fluid, changing, ebbing and flowing. Imagery of water has long been used in literature and film to describe human experience and human emotion. Water is essential for life; it is part of each one of us, and we interact with it every day. It has the power to sustain us… or to drown us. Water can be destructive and fearsome; alternatively, it can be soothing and nurturing. Ice, steam, droplets, oceans, clouds – in many different forms, water is the perfect artistic metaphor for a wide range of emotions.

This project arises from a common theme that runs through my photography: I am drawn to photographing water. I enjoy capturing the movement of water, freezing the motion of a droplet, or trying to convey the immensity of an ocean. While I always enjoy the technical challenges of photographing water, it is when I recognized that the water was evoking a wide spectrum of emotions that I began to seek out water in its various forms. I spent time focusing on why certain forms or phases of water can represent tranquility and calm, while others can conjure up feelings of fear and isolation. Photographing large raindrops on a summer night evokes joy and dancing. Water clinging to the surface of glass feels like desperation. The mysterious mist of a foggy night is delicate and light but at the same time defiant against gravity, refusing to settle. Whether drowning in fear or buoyant with confidence, the water and the emotion have become reflections of each other. Both subjects are essential to each photograph, less meaningful without the other.

Over the past several years, I have been fascinated by the subject of water. I hope to take you on this journey with me, absorbed in emotion, captivated by water…immersed.

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