Blue Heron Concert

Blue Heron Concert

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Blue Heron Concert
Blue Heron Concert: Songs About Hope

Esperance & Amors in 14th-century songs by Machaut, Senleches & others

Sunday, February 23 at 3 pm

Tickets: $35 | $30 senior | $20 Students

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Winners of the 2018 Gramophone Classical Music Award for Early Music, Blue Heron comes to the James Library with an intoxicating afternoon of songs about Hope (Esperance), the allegorical character from the world of the Romance of the Rose who sustains a courtly lover through the thousand pains of lovesickness and teaches him to find delight instead of suffering. The program presents a complex of 14th-century songs which draw from each other’s words and music, including En amer a douce vie, which is sung by Esperance in Machaut’s Remede de Fortune; the anonymous Esperance qui en mon cuer s’embat, which was one of the century’s popular hits; and a trio of interrelated songs by Jacob de Senleches, Philippus de Caserta, and Johannes Galiot in the hypnotic late medieval style dubbed the Ars subtilior or “more subtle art” and transmitted by the celebrated Chantilly Codex.

Martin Near, voice
Owen McIntosh, voice
Jason McStoots, voice
Debra Nagy, recorders, douçaine & harp
Charles Weaver, lute
Scott Metcalfe, harp & fiddle

Thank you to the following Blue Heron Concert sponsors:
The Monahan Family
Lynch Marini & Associates
Elise and Jeremy Warhaftig
The Douglas N. Perry Fund

Photo credit: Liz Linder

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