Artist Elizabeth Noble – “In Noticing”

Artist Elizabeth Noble – “In Noticing”

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Artist Elizabeth Noble – “In Noticing”
Elizabeth Noble
“In Noticing”

On view on all three floors of the James: Saturday, October 26, 2019–December 7, 2019
Opening Reception: October 26, 2019 6-8pm

Exhibition Description

These works are a search for significance in the simplest aspects of the everyday.

I found a dead fly on the windowsill and a small bruise on my forearm that I don’t remember getting. Trash catalogs arrived in the mail and need to be tossed, but I flip through the vacant model gazes as the last direct sunlight of the day leaves a gold mark on the corner of the dining room wall. I collect scraps of these details, scribble down the ideas they stirred up, and muck with layer upon layer of paint in an attempt to understand the real weight and intricacies of this moment in time.

What are we overlooking as we scurry through our days? Beauty, dirtiness, and everything else joins in noticing.

Artist Statement

I spent a good deal of my childhood in the backyard, turning over rocks and looking at bugs. After years of research as a young adult, my fascination with the natural world expanded into a study of the broad ecology found in daily life. My lab notes and sketchbooks merged. I began to approach everything, from my religious upbringing and common social pressures to the stuff in sidewalk cracks, with the curious rigor of a biologist in the field. Have you ever wondered how each encounter with a stranger and every wisp of street trash somehow adds up in the undecipherable equation of existence?

Art making is a perfect method for sorting through these artifacts and snippets in time. Unlike scientific analysis, it allows the investigation of multiple variables and emotions at once. It is my means for conveying the weight of memory, the profound impact of environment, and the inexplicable encounter with the holy and the mysterious.

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